My name is Andrew Youn, and I hope this website is interpreted purely as a good-will intention to help spark an idea, and not some kind of arrogant grand-standing thing. I am painfully aware of how this could be interpreted, and my intentions are pure.

As a field practitioner, I can see how logistically possible it is for the world’s governments, companies, and non-profits to end extreme poverty – and I simply want to spread the message.

At this moment in history, I believe that we just need funding leadership. I am particularly interested in connecting with potential funding leaders in our world who have the ability and ambition to lead humanity. I am not seeking publicity (please no media inquiries), and would keep any contact strictly confidential. I hope my field implementation experience could be useful in brainstorming: I have lived in rural East Africa for ten years and have helped to start one of the fastest-growing non-profit organizations, One Acre Fund, which currently has 4,000 full-time staff. And I deeply believe in the power of vision and philanthropy to change the world.