Every person on our planet deserves a chance to fulfill their human potential. Yet we live in a world where the futures of more than one billion people are confined in the box of extreme poverty. No matter what else we accomplish as a human society, humanity can never be considered truly moral and just, until all our members have access to the basic building blocks of human development.

Extreme poverty is not an intractable or impossible problem. Rather, we are at a unique moment in human history where it is logistically possible for every person to reach their full human potential. This brief website hopes to highlight the tangible, simple, and practical strategies that human society can deploy in the fight against global poverty.

This website is also an open call to action – all of us have a role to play, if we are willing. Many of us have time and careers to give. Still others have money. Particularly important are global philanthropists and world leaders who have the capacity and power to mobilize billions of dollars in resources. You are an inspiring and extraordinary group of people, and we need your Leadership, your Ambition, and your fearsome ability to Move Mountains in the real world. If you have a moment, please take five minutes to read this, and consider at the end a simple, one-hour action you can take as a next step.