every life possible

Let’s start with one simple, values statement that we can all agree upon: every person on this planet deserves a chance to reach their full human potential. Today, we are falling short.

The most basic building block of child development. Lacking food and nutrition, currently more than one-in-three severely poor children will be permanently stunted physically or mentally, and lack of nutrition plays a role in half of child deaths.

Every person deserves access to a minimum level of health. Yet among severely poor children, one-in-ten die before they reach age five. In the vast majority of cases, these deaths could have been easily prevented. And for every death, there are dozens of cases of debilitating disease.

Imagine how many Einsteins and Darwins have failed to mature because of poverty. In the lowest-income areas of the world, less than one-quarter of children complete high school, for lack of school fees. Less than five percent access any form of higher education.

More than one century after the invention of electricity, nearly one in four human beings end their day when the sun goes down.  And the majority of global deforestation is a direct consequence of demand for wood used for cooking and heating – more than ninety percent in Africa.