For funding leaders who want to maximize their sheer human impact per dollar given, I think there are some principles that are worthy of deeper consideration:

Pay for Delivery
Poverty-eradication tools exist – the world just needs more straight-forward funding for their delivery. New philanthropy could award a fixed amount for every unit of a delivered anti-poverty solution. (e.g., a $1,000 “standing grant” for every one hundred malaria nets delivered, which on average will prevent three hundred illness cases, and save one child life).

Cost-effective interventions
There is enormous simplifying value in only funding a limited menu of proven products and services that have rigorous evidence for highly cost-effective impact. And results should always be independently verified in the field, at real-scale conditions.

Vetted field implementers
There are plenty of global implementing organizations – companies, governments, and non-profits who could flex with additional funding. All implementers of grants should be thoroughly pre-vetted, and subjected to annual diligence.

Heavy field presence
Hands-on, practical giving should have a heavy field presence, with staff who embed deeply together with the implementing agencies.

Start slowly, build upon success
Boldness must be matched with realistic implementation.